Our Team


  Lee Arsenault

 “Lee Arsenault, here. Because I feel so strongly about the team of lead professionals who work with me, I want to take a moment to introduce them to you personally. When you choose New Leaf Construction to handle your project, you will come to know at least one of these gentlemen quite well. Let me be clear. I respect and trust each one of them. They all have extensive backgrounds in residential construction. Without question, they know their stuff. But more than that, I have known each one of them for years. I have seen them in action.


I asked each one of them to join our team based on character, honor and willingness to take personal responsibility for their actions. When any one of them speaks to you, that person will be speaking for me. It is a great privilege to have these gentlemen on my team. I enjoy working with them, and I know you will too.


Rex Benedict is our principal custom home builder. I promise your dream of a special new home built exactly to your specifications will be in expert and caring hands with Rex. He will build your custom home with the same passion and attention to detail he used to fly helicopters and manage sophisticated engineering and research operations in the Navy.


Meticulous and tenacious are words crafted with Rex in mind. The combination bodes well for you.



Robert Parker is our Project Manager. Throughout his career he has been fascinated with the beauty of opulent architectural design, the desire to build and deliver products with superior quality and increased energy efficiency that will stand the test of time. Whether the project is commercial or residential, big or small, he engages himself on all levels to ensure a beautiful outcome and a product he will be proud to put his signature on.

With his love for this industry, fascination with architecture, a desire to ensure superior quality, and an eye for detail, Robert has grown to realize, “It takes the hands of man to build it and the eye of man to admire it”. With that, all beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


Fred DeWitt is our Commercial Projects Manager. A holder of a CGC license and a bachelor degree in Construction Technology from UNF, Fred brings a wealth of experience in the commercial arena. He has performed the contract management, estimating, design and developmental management duties, scheduling, served as construction manager, and owner’s representative for projects up to $7 million. Prior to his degree, he spent 10 years in architectural, engineering and industrial design. His projects have included pre-engineered steel airport hangars, doctor’s offices, banks, churches, and more. 

Among other special competences, he is a disaster response coordinator for the Florida Conference of United Methodist Church and a mentor for the A.C.E. mentoring program.

The New Leaf Team


It is a great privilege to have these people on our team, because without question, they know their stuff.