roof and gutters of a home

New Home Construction

New Leaf Construction has established a new level of excellence in custom home building in northeast Florida.

Our guiding principal, Lee Arsenault, has been perfecting his craft for over 25 years. He has worked for and with the very best, building the very best.* And now, Lee has gathered together a team of remarkable homebuilding professionals who share his standards for performance:

    • Only the best quality craftsmanship will do.
    • Efficient building always delivers the best for less.
    • Skilled and motivated professionals are always more efficient.

The purpose of these standards is to make our clients happy – happy with the home we build for them and happy with their new lives living in it. You see, New Leaf Construction is more than a building company – much more. We are a personal service company.

Our service is making our clients’ dreams of happiness come true in a magnificent new home. Our daily job is improving our knowledge, skill and ability to deliver our service so we’ll be the very best ever exactly when you need us. Could that be today? We welcome your inquiry.

Wide angle of a kitchen

Completed Projects