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Why elacora Exists


Our story starts with recognizing that the real estate development business tends to be cyclical, with peaks and valleys of activity. A few very smart and well-funded individuals look to acquire select properties at discounted prices during down times, planning to complete them when markets strengthen again. One of the very best of these is Marcel Arsenault, whose principal company, Real Capital Solutions, is based in Louisville, Colorado. Through a subsidiary company, Condo Capital Solutions, Mr. Arsenault (no relation to Lee) and his partners took a position in a wonderful development in Jacksonville, Old San Jose on the River, that had fallen on hard times and was sitting uncompleted at 5000 San Jose Boulevard.


By and by, the time came to resurrect this community and finish it out. There was intense competition between Jacksonville home builders to be selected for the prestigious opportunity, offered by this internationally-known company, to restore Old San Jose on the River to its rightful place as an extremely desirable place to live. Lee Arsenault and his team at New Leaf Construction, Inc. won the competition to build all the homes needed to complete Old San Jose on the River. He turned to this project with his normal enthusiasm and built the 32 planned-for homes as fast as Victoria Robbins Realty could sell them.


Construction at Old San Jose is finished now, and you can see for yourself how well it turned out. However, there’s more…


How elacora Was Born


Real Capital Solutions formed another subsidiary company, Home Builder Capital Solutions, to find more stalled developments of single family detached homes across the country, and enlist local builders and local sales agencies to work together to complete and sell them. A remarkable young man, Brian Paul, who was living in Jacksonville at the time and was familiar with the story of Old San Jose on the River, had conceived the idea, brought it to Marcel Arsenault and subsequently put together the business plan to mobilize the HBCS concept in the form of elacora. Some of the same individuals who had worked on the Old San Jose on the River project moved over to the new elacora organization. Since the Old San Jose project had gone so well, it was only natural for them to ask Lee if he and his team would like to become their exclusive home builder for elacora communities in the Jacksonville area. They also asked Vikki Robbins if she and her sales agents at Victoria Robbins Realty would like to become the exclusive elacora sales agency here. Of course, both Lee and Vikki were delighted to accept!


That’s when Lee organized New Leaf Homes, to go along with New Leaf Construction, to do the building work for elacora. So now, Lee Arsenault, operating as New Leaf Homes, is the exclusive Jacksonville-area builder for elacora.

Trust Wins the Day


While this whole story may seem complicated, it’s really not. It’s just a small group of very capable people, who came to know and trust one another in one project, choosing to stay together under a different name and expand their work into a much larger endeavor.


So what is elacora doing in Jacksonville? So far they have launched two gorgeous residential communities in our area, Madeira in north St. Augustine and the final phase of The Plantation in Ponte Vedra Beach. They have just announced a third, The Bluffs on Plummers Cove on the east bank of the St. Johns River in the exclusive Mandarin area of Jacksonville. The Bluffs on Plummers Cove will be convenient to the intersection of San Jose Boulevard and Interstate Highway 295 as it approaches the Buckman Bridge to Orange Park. More such exciting communities are sure to come.



What’s In All This for New Leaf?


We are extremely proud to be the exclusive Jacksonville-area home builder for elacora. We think they are among the nation’s most exciting developers of distinguished residential communities. We thank our good fortune to have become involved with the Old San Jose on the River project and thereby have a chance to partner with elacora. Every new home you will see in any of the new elacora neighborhoods is a home built by our sister company, New Leaf Homes, Inc., an entity we created specifically to handle our work for elacora.


What’s In It for You?


The fact that New Leaf Homes, Inc. is the exclusive elacora builder in Jacksonville means that we were selected over many of the finest home builders in this area who tried to win this prize for themselves. This should be a reassuring sign to you that our construction quality is unexcelled, our reliability is beyond question and our business practices have met the stringent standards demanded by elacora. Trust us. These are extremely sophisticated and very demanding professionals. Their endorsement of the New Leaf team should provide peace of mind to you that we can handle your job expertly and efficiently and that you will enjoy the experience of working with us.


Selecting the New Leaf team to work with you means you have selected the best there is. It’s a fact!

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