“We purchased a home from New Leaf Construction in Old San Jose on the River in January of 2014. The construction of the house is excellent and the few issues we have had were resolved quickly. The company has gone way beyond what we expected and what we experienced in the last two homes we purchased. Everyone at the company has been a pleasure to work with.”


Peter and Carol Blumeyer


“We very much appreciate your fine work in renovating our townhome. I hope that we may keep in touch for future renovations and improvements on our Amelia Island residence. Have a great day!”


Tony and Beverly Atwater


“Please allow me to say how professional, and especially how patient, Lee Arsenault, and his project manager, Scott Blunck, were throughout the extensive renovation of our home. Mrs. Amandi and I must have asked several hundred questions – more than would have been needed to upset most people – but for every one, we got a pleasant, positive, respectful and thorough response.


In today’s world where marginal customer service is so prevalent, it was a pleasure – a rewarding experience, even – to work with Lee and Scott. I am completely and totally satisfied with the work New Leaf Construction did for us, and so is my family. I highly recommend them.”


Fernando and Teresita Amandi
Whitelock Farms St. Johns, FL


“Lee Arsenault and his team of construction professionals have done several major renovation projects for me over the years, both residential and commercial. Every project has gone extremely well, which is not surprising to me, given Lee’s professionalism, integrity and turn-your-back honesty. In each instance, I have engaged Lee on a cost plus basis, which is a sure sign of my total trust in him. Looking back, I am certain my net cost for the work his team has done for me has been toward the low end of what could have been expected, not necessarily because Lee’s prices were the lowest I could have arranged, but because the cash and aggravation cost of dealing with problems has been close to zero. Lee is a man who does what he says and stands by his work. His customer service, relating to me, has been impeccable. Peace of mind has a huge value to me, and along with top quality work, that’s what I’ve gotten when I have dealt with Lee Arsenault.


I know that my good experiences with Lee relate also to the quality and integrity of the construction professionals who work with him. Like does attract like. Good people gravitate to Lee. I know that for a fact, and I have taken advantage of it, for myself. I would recommend New Leaf Construction, Inc. to anyone needing a custom home built or a renovation job done to the highest standard.”


Bill Myers


“We contracted New Leaf Construction to enclose and integrate seamlessly a 200 sq. ft. screened porch to our home. We asked them to accomplish this in concert with installation of a new pool and screen enclosure contracted to an independent pool company. The entire project took approximately 8 weeks. The project was accomplished almost exactly as outlined by the project manager, Scott Blunck, with regards to schedule, process and budget. New Leaf was also ready and willing to address changes in project detail along the way, and were always available to answer questions and allay concerns as the project progressed.



In fact, there was no way to thank the New Leaf team properly for the care they showed for our home during this project. They consistently went above and beyond and were patient and professional throughout the process in a way that exceeded all of our expectations.
The final result also exceeded our expectations both in quality of work and realization of our vision, and has been a source of pride and enjoyment for us since its completion. We would enthusiastically recommend New Leaf to anyone looking to have home renovation work done by an honest, capable and caring team, and New Leaf would be our first call if we are ever in need of additional renovation services for our home.”


John H.


“New Leaf Construction performed some exterior work for me on my home. I found them to be to be honest and very candid about the work to be performed. They completed the job within the time frame quoted and for the price quoted. I would highly recommend them for any remodel work and will hire them again when the need arises.”


Susan D.


“Just a great building experience. Superior quality and options, plus the friendly relationship you would expect from family. Lee and his team are great.”


Doug Whitehead


“About a year and half ago New Leaf Construction renovated my kitchen. His company did an excellent job. There was very little clean up. Since I’m home alone I felt very secured. That is the main reason I have hired them to do my bathrooms.
I would recommend them to my friends knowing they will be very pleased with their work.”


Karen S.


“In June we will have been in our new home 2 years, and a great 2 years it has been!


We wanted a new home, but we also knew we were not going to leave our part of town. The Lakewood area has been home to us for 25 years. So, the new construction at Old San Jose on the River was most appealing and exciting for us.


We met Lynette Denison and Lee Arsenault early on. We were among the first 5 or 6 families to buy, and we were able to pick a lot with privacy… and a tall back yard fence.


Lee worked with us, combining two house plans, so we were able to get the master bedroom suite and garage entrance we wanted and still keep the rest of the floor plan open and spacious. It has worked out quite nicely for us.


We spent many hours with the talented Barbara Ondo, now from the Design Resource Center, selecting and fine tuning the many personal touches in our new home. She was always willing to spend the time with us to help us make our home… OURS!


Then came Paul Sturney, New Leaf’s field supervisor of construction at Old San Jose. Paul quickly became my friend and my helper along the way. This is the first house I had ever built, and I had a hard time seeing things in 3 dimensions. What a great artist Paul is! He drew many diagrams on the concrete floors so I could visualize how things were going to work out; particularly our beautiful arches that were done and done correctly with his help.


We have many extras in our house that required extra workers and presented some extra challenges. I was able to walk through the house almost every day and talk with Paul and ask him my questions as they arose. He was the most patient and helpful person ever.


For instance, we have an ice maker and a wine chiller in our butler’s pantry. No one had been able to figure out how to install it correctly in the space available, NO ONE! Paul came over one day, with the manufacturer’s installer, and finally just got down, moved the installer person out of the way, and did the job himself, correctly!


I guess you can tell, I think Paul hung the moon! And, he showed me the most wonderful side of a building contractor … patient and calm … and besides, he never laughed at my questions.


And the workmen! I have pictures of Carlos, the painter, standing on a ladder, smiling down at me and asking if I was happy with his work!


Building this house was very personal for me. I received a lot of personal attention, and thank goodness I did! It made the process so enjoyable and so much less scary. I was glad I could count on my friend, Paul, to be straight with me… and we got through it and stayed friends!


Even the closing was a non-event. I usually throw-up at closings. I have been through two of them before this one. I became sick at both. What made this one different was my calmness and confidence with the process I had just been through building my new home.


I can tell you if I ever build a house again, I want Lee Arsenault and Paul Sturney to be there with me! That way, I know everything will turn out just fine!
Oh, I don’t want to overlook Chris Keller, New Leaf’s warranty manager. He has been most accommodating in following up on little things that have come up since closing. I can tell you, Chris knows where he can get a cup of coffee anytime he needs one!


This may be pretty long, but all of it comes from my heart. I love you guys!”


Vickie Robinson


“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Lee Arsenault and his team of professionals at New Leaf Construction. They were thorough in their planning, flawless in their work and extremely easy to work with.


When we bought our present home, we did so knowing that major changes would be needed, both to the interior and also the exterior, to make it work for us. We couldn’t be happier with the experience or the outcome!


The job was beautifully done, finished on time and totally on budget. Our neighbors have been especially complimentary.


We had such a terrific feeling about working with Lee and his team, we decided to invite them all for a big picnic the day we moved into our transformed home. We can’t imagine that happening with any remodeling group other than Lee Arsenault and New LeafConstruction, Inc.”


Rebecca Steele


“First off, I want you to know that my husband and I love our home. We love everything about it, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with the pros at New Leaf Construction when they built it for us. They were very good at answering our questions and helping us make choices. When things came up during construction that needed changing, they were always congenial, accommodating and quick to make the corrections we wanted – including remounting a number of our kitchen cabinets, at one point, so the door of the refrigerator we chose would open properly.


We worked with Lee Arsenault, or course, and also with Ed Arnold and Paul Sturney. One funny story involving Paul was watching him go up on the roof three separate times, lugging all sorts of test gear, trying to figure out why our gas dryer wasn’t venting properly. The third time must have been the charm, because it has worked just fine ever since.



We were in the construction office one day, and my husband pulled out some pieces of nice looking stone from a box on the floor. Lee said they were samples that the company was considering using as trim. Well, before you know it, Lee helped us design an application of stone for the front of our home and up it went. We’re so happy that happened, and others of our neighbors must agree, because they followed suit.
Anyway, thanks to all of you at New Leaf Construction! It was great working with you, and it’s still great today living in our wonderful new home!”


Maripat and Billy Meide


“Marie and I feel so fortunate to be living at Old San Jose on the River. While in town on a job interview, someone released the home site contract we now own. We lucked out, finding a new construction site for a single family home with a three car garage in this central area of Jacksonville.


Brenda, in sales, and Paul Sturney, our construction superintendant, were excellent to work with from planning through the building process. We wanted to be fully involved in all aspects of the process and they always had time for us. From design, planning and the large number of choices involved in our semi-custom home, Brenda provided friendly guidance and helped develop our vision of the home. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and focused on customer service. He was always available to provide the extra information on the structure and engineering details of the home. My wife and I are very detail-oriented and enjoyed our almost daily visits during the construction process. He spent a great deal of time with us, showing us the detailed blue prints and explaining the points of value that New Leaf added to the construction process.
During construction, we had some bumps along the way. There were things that needed to be done over. By and large, we had fantastic subcontractors. New Leaf and its people were respectful and accommodating. We have built other homes and appreciate the access New Leaf provided us into the process and their commitment to making everything right at the end. We are very pleased with our new home and community.”


Dr. Jay and Marie Johansen


“We have nothing but the highest praise for Lee Arsenault and the work he and his team have done for us in two remodeling jobs, now. Both jobs were run in a totally professional way, with detailed drawings, itemized lists of all materials; and Lee got us some really attractive pricing on some the things we needed, too. His crews showed up on time, every time, exactly as scheduled. Every time subcontractors were involved, Lee made sure one of his own trusted professionals was there also, just to make sure the jobs were done correctly and to keep an eye on our home for us.


Fairly regularly, we hear horror stories about remodeling jobs gone wrong. We just smile, sympathize with the sufferers and thank our lucky stars that New Leaf Construction did our work for us. We totally, totally recommend them!”


Tena Ferger



I’m sorry we haven’t written to you about this earlier. It’s certainly not because we don’t have wonderful things to say about New Leaf Construction and the people who make it run.


Simply put, I think Scott Blunck exemplifies the “3 R’s” of home remodeling–reliable, responsible, and respectful.


1. Reliable: Scott is a man of his word. He came when he promised and did what he said he would. All the workers did the same. They were professional, excellent at their craft, and clear about what they were doing.


2. Responsible: Scott took great care of our home and our possessions. Although we had packed things away from the construction mess, he went the extra distance to wrap furniture and clean up after tasks were completed.


3. Respectful: I mean this in so many ways. Scott met us numerous times before the work even started to listen to our desires. He helped us design rooms the way we asked and explained what could and could not be accomplished structurally. Throughout the process, he kept us informed and consulted with us anytime a decision needed to be made.


I guess the bottom line is that we felt like we were in good hands always. We had someone to call at anytime, knowing we would get a prompt and satisfying response. And, we love what we think of as our new home! We had no idea how much our lives would be improved by this remodeling.


In many ways, changing an existing home is harder than starting from scratch. Scott and his team exceeded our expectations. We have none of the horror stories people recount. We have only good stories to tell of a great experience, with every effort made to reduce our stress. And perhaps most importantly, we now have a home we love.


Thanks. We would and have recommended Scott Blunck to others happily and whole-heartedly.


Thank you so much!




Rona (and Buford) Brinlee


“Lee Arsenault and his folks at New Leaf Construction, Inc. built our new home at Old San Jose on the River. Let me say at the outset that Julie and I are extremely pleased with the job they did for us. The home was finished on time and there were no surprises along the way. You hear so many people say their new home took longer and cost more than planned. That was not our experience at all.


As a commercial construction manager, I had the impression that residential standards were less than those of the commercial side. Lee Arsenault totally changed my mind about that.


As an example, all during construction, our home was swept out and cleaned up for us to walk through on weekends. The surrounding job site was always neat and tidy. This was especially important at Old San Jose on the River, where homes were under construction in the middle of a finished project. I know our neighbors all appreciated how hard the guys worked to keep things orderly.


I think Lee has done a nice job of staffing his company. Everyone we have met has been outstanding, especially his warranty manager Chris Keller. He has been really proactive making sure any dangling details are taken care of to everyone’s satisfaction.


All in all, Julie and I are very happy with our outcome and are pleased to recommend New Leaf Construction to anyone.”


Ben and Julie Bradley


“Lee, John and I want you to know that we could not be happier with the home your New Leaf Construction team built for us! From start to finish the entire experience was stress free.
We also know from prior experience you have some of the best customer service in the business. Of course, you are great (and we thank you for your very kind help with our custom choices), but it is your staff that truly made the difference for us. Of course, Lynette and Brenda, in sales were great, but Paul Sturney, your general superintendent, and Chris Keller, your warranty manager, have been phenomenal. They are always helpful, courteous and have the answers we have needed.
I try not to use this word, but in this case, ‘awesome’ is the right way to describe our experience with you. Please know, we would recommend New Leaf Construction to anyone!”


Grace and John Carlisle


“We live in Atlanta and have enjoyed owning a beachfront home in Amelia Island for thirty years. We have had some unfortunate experiences using local contractors for small jobs, so when the time came for a significant makeover, we decided to look for a more professional firm. We found New Leaf Construction on the Internet and were immediately impressed. We especially liked their promise to make us happy with their respectful personal service.


When we met Robert Parker and Sam Stewart from New Leaf, we knew we had found people we could rely on to renovate our home while we mostly stayed in Atlanta. They helped us find an architect, they provided great advice and they built exactly what we wanted without problems, surprises or overruns. We are delighted with the job they did for us and grateful for the pleasurable experience of working with them. And as you can probably tell, they made us happy just like they promised they would – more even!”


Thank you, guys!


Ben and Tommye Easterlin